Date: Thursday, November 1st, 2018
Venue: 326 Senate Chamber, Arts & Convocation Hall, University of Alberta

0830-0900: Registration, Greetings, and Opening Remarks
Introduction: David R. Marples (History and Classics), Geoffrey Rockwell (KIAS Director)
Opening of Conference:  Steve Patten (Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Arts) and Matthias Ruth, Vice-President (Research)

0900-1030: Panel One: Ukraine and Donbas in Spring 2014
Moderator: Sevan Beukian (University of Alberta)

Serhy Yekelchyk (University of Victoria), “Conflicting Memories of World War II and the Current Conflict in Ukraine”
David Marples (University of Alberta), “Background to the Conflict in the Donbas: from Hughes to Akhmetov”
William J. Risch (Georgia College, USA), “Prelude to War? The Maidan and Its Discontents in the Donbas”

1030-1045: Coffee break

1045-1215: Panel Two: Analysis of the Conflict and its Results
Moderator: Volodymyr Kravchenko (University of Alberta)

Oksana Mikheieva (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv), “Motivations of Combatants on Both Sides of the War on the Territory of Donbas Region”
Nataliia Stepaniuk (University of Ottawa), “Changing Modes of Citizenship: Civilian Volunteer Engagement in the Frontline Regions of Donbas, Ukraine”
Oleksander Melnyk (University of Alberta), “Casualties of the War and Inter-Communal Ethics in the Russian-Ukrainian Borderlands From the Start of the War Until Present”

1215-1330: Lunch

1330-1500: Panel Three: Russia’s Role and Goals
Moderator: Heather Coleman (University of Alberta)

Kimitaka Matsuzato (University of Tokyo),  “The First Four Years of the Donetsk People’s Republic: Differentiating Indigenous Elites and Surkov’s Political Technologists”
Tetyana Malyarenko (National University Odesa Law Academy, Ukraine), “The Logic of Competitive Influence-Seeking: Russia, Ukraine and the Conflict in Donbas”
Sergey Sukhankin (Jamestown Foundation, Washington DC; International Center for Policy Studies, Kyiv), “‘Continuing War by Other Means’: The Case of Wagner, Russia’s Premier Private Military Company”

1500-1515: Coffee break

1515-1645: Panel Four: Future of the Donbas; Canada’s Role
Moderator: Alla Hurska (University of Alberta)

Ernest Gyidel (University of Alberta), “From “See you in Donetsk!” to “I Will Never Return to Donetsk”: Ukrainian IDPs and the Future of Donbas”
Alina Cherviatsova (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine), “Hybrid War and Hybrid Law: the Minsk Agreements  in the Context of International Law and Ukrainian Legislation”
Serhiy Kudelia (Baylor University, USA), “How Can Political Science Findings on Civil War Settlements Inform Conflict Resolution in Donbas?”

1645-1700: Closing Remarks

1700: Reception